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Should You Go to Grad School?

I’ve seen more and more posts and videos on this of late, along with the student-loan-fueled “should you go to undergrad?” debate. (Coming up next: should you go to kindergarten? Wouldn’t you make more money as a child laborer?) At any rate, in my grad program, we’ve seen enrollment spike as funding…

Wisdom Has a Standpoint

…They don’t even know that they’re a foreign country. ~~~~~ I met with an academic award committee today to discuss my application to study religious change and conversion in Central Asia. I’d like to go be with people, to move slowly, share life, and learn what matters to them….

Doubt, Darkness, and Descartes

In college, I remember walking through the student union with my friend Stacy, checking our mailboxes then heading to the campus cafe, where we sat in easy chairs by the picture windows, looking at the gray November rain outside. “But I don’t see evidence… all I see is rain….

Katie’s y’all

My classmate Katie* comes from a working-class, rural background. She works three jobs plus goes to school; she has a busy family, disabled mother, and absent father. And recently, I overheard her talking on the phone: “I want to be a college professor … I don’t want to spend…