Paper Humans


A few paintings in acrylics on canvas or canvas board. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Acrylics painting of Charlene Ward
Charlene (2012)

Read more on Char’s painting here.

acrylics portrait in Maine
Smile (2015)


railway station to Borovoye acrylics painting Kazakhstan
Rail to Borovoye (2016)


acrylics portrait of Kimberly Powers
Study Abroad (2017)

Read more on Kimberly’s portrait here.

acrylics portrait made in Berkeley
Liz Kravitz (2017)


baby grinning portrait infant square acrylics painting
Baby Grin (2017)


Maine 1-1A in Rockland, Maine acrylics painting
Maine 1-1A (2017)