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My Books

If you’re stuck at home, try a book! They do take time to write and edit, so do consider buying me a coffee or donating a book to others!


Immerse yourself in

cover of a poem compilation

Want to get out of your own mind, and into someone else’s? I’ve gathered some of my favorite poems to share with friends. Download it here (2020, 387 pages).


spark endless conversation with questions

cover of quarantine questions, a book of questions to ask each other during social distancing

Want something to talk about with friends or loved ones when you’re far away–or tired of watching the news during a mass quarantine? Over 900 questions on friendship, family, memories, and lifestyle will keep you busy. I’m not responsible for the relationship results. Read more or download it here (2021, 86 pages).


Learn how to build a yurt

Cover image of YURT picture book about how yurts are made

It’s mid-summer and time to move their house to a new pasture. How do Marat and his family build their yurt? Read online about how families in Mongolia built yurts, or download the picture book here (2013, 26 pages).


Take a winter adventure
book cover for the Snow Dragon chapter book about Kazakhstan

Rahman goes to school on a snowy day, only to find his best friend is in danger from a dragon. Can he find his friend before it’s too late? A short chapter book set in urban Kazakhstan. Download here (2014, 50 pages).