You guys are searching for drunk nuns and Nestorian cannibals

You guys are searching for drunk nuns and Nestorian cannibals

With some trepidation, I made this blog publically searchable last year, just as I was starting to publish cultural pieces in other venues. Now, I’ve just found a list of the search terms that led people to this blog.

Orianna Moon Andrews, Confederate Doctor
In related news, searching for ‘women’s day harem’ on Flickr turns up the picture of a female Confederate doctor above. I don’t understand.

Below I’ll share the oddest searches, with the number of times they led someone to this blog. Many terms come from separate posts, and some truly boggle the mind:

From the cultural and historical:

womens day 18
ivan groznyy the terrible part ii 7
kazakhstan nightlife 7
khan shatyr christmas tree 4
russian settler farmer 3
ottoman women harem 2
europe life 1600s 2
astana temperatures cold 1
tatar side curl 1
wanted personal assistant in astana 1
where is the turan plain on a map 1
drunk kazakhstan students 1
lutheran nuns in america 1
south carolina secession signers 1
romanian women painting 1
kazakhs watching tv 1
muslim madrasa 1
fall of nestorianism 1

To the truly disturbing:

erotic preteen boys 3
girls or women “pretty but plain” 2
russian sailor 2
sandwich spreadly 2
cannibalism in africa 1
[Pretty sure Africa and Soviet cannibalism were separate posts]
caspian sea village women 1
indian boys masturbing 1
man meet preteen boys 1 [Ugh. Wrong blog!]

To the strangely amusing:

coffee canister 6
“bad skype interview” 3
secretary bird baby 3
soviet women toothpaste poster 2
most expensive ethnic wear indian men n women 2
photo of ancestor he’s not white but what’s his ethnicity 1
charactr list of the time it never rained 1
морепродукты vocabulary 1
cloth over pyramid 1
real human appendix 1
children’s book put me in the zoo 1
sagebrush allergy kazakhstan 1
black women’s suffrage movement 1
giant domes over fields 1
caterpillar smoking hookah font 1
[There’s a “caterpillar smoking hookah” font? What have I been missing?!]
leatherlips yacht club ghost story 1
ugly peasant girl from the tale of despereaux 1
what is an ice shelf? 1
tatar women 1
spring forward into new year 1

Oh people! I’m not sure what I have to offer you about ice shelves and the Turan Plain. But I’ll do my best to keep up on sexy boys, sagebrush allergies, and hookah fonts, for our collective benefit

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