Notes from College

Notes from College

So I’ve been gnawing at a block of chocolate all day, and think I’ve finally stripped my teeth of all that useless enamel.

Also, I entered the bad-writing contest here at school, but didn’t write badly enough to win… lose? win?… oh, the shame!

In class today, all twenty of us sat like dead rodents for the first half-hour, till Dr. Calvert-Finn threatened us with a “Quaker meeting,” in which we would just have to sit in silence till one of us answered his question.

After we finally started talking, we got into a lively discussion about whether we could prove evil (like slavery, suicide bombing, murder, or oppression) is wrong without citing an outside authority on the matter.

At the end of class, though, the professor showed a movie, and we returned to our dead-rodent somnolence.

Why do college classrooms make me so sleepy?

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