Tools to help you avoid internet drama

Tools to help you avoid internet drama

So John Oliver’s just come out with a Chrome extension called Drumpfinator, that changes all web  mentions of Trump to his ancestral name, Drumpf:

This is fantastic! But why stop there? There are so many other Chrome extensions to change your perspective!

If you feel like the Internet (or the English language) has certain biases written in to all those gender-explainy articles, you can also use Jailbreak the Patriarchy to switch all gender pronouns… so that ladies only like cuddles become gentlemen only like cuddles… or why doesn’t he propose becomes why doesn’t she propose?

If that’s not mind-bending enough, Jailbreak the Binary removes gender-specific words from your google, so that women and men both become people. Which we always were…

If you’re tired of people mouthing off about young people these days, just use Millenials to Snake People to change all mentions of millenials to snake people. (Millenials Begone! works similarly, except it changes millenials to pesky young whippersnappers.)

If internet-speak annoys you in general, install In My Words and then choose your own substitutes… so that damn becomes pickles and racism becomes what this again?  (herp derp also replaces insulting YouTube comments with filler like derp derp derp.)

For an education on the go, Dictionary of Numbers takes abstract numbers and finds a concrete example to make it real… so that $23 million becomes average endowment of a liberal arts college.

If you don’t like what’s in your social media feed, Rather lets you choose a replacement… perhaps flipping out baby pictures with seahorse pictures, or TV spoilers with sports coverage. Hey Girl fills your feed with Ryan Gosling, and nCage replaces all pictures on the internet with Nicholas Cage.

And finally, if you’re tired of clickbait articles, Downworthy corrects the headlines, so that shocked becomes vaguely surprised and incredible becomes painfully ordinary.

It’s about time. I’m astonished mildly pleased.

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