remember that you are dust…

remember that you are dust…

Ash Wednesday, by mtsofan on Flickr


In classical Christian tradition, Lent is a time to give up worldly distractions and to take on spiritual disciplines that reveal our inability to be just and loving, and God’s merciful response. The season of Lent prepares us for Easter, so that we can appreciate what God has done through Jesus. (And, for my friends, fasting from sugar during Lent prepares them to more fully, umm, appreciate and binge on pink-sugar-coated Peeps.)

So this year, I decided to refrain from selfishness and negative words, meanin to love and encourage others. Since Ash Wednesday, I’ve realized that 1) I don’t know how to approach life without sarcasm, and 2) I spend most of my day plotting how to get ahead.

This is not good.


I’m not quite sure what to do about this, but hopefully I’ll see some change over the coming weeks.

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