News from College

News from College

Today’s Stats:

  • Calories burned on the exercise machines in the dorm basement: 100.
  • Calories eaten today: 1800ish.
  • Part of that which is composed of yummy leftover Halloween chocolates and fried foods: 90%.
  • Classes attended: 2.
  • Classes I actually stayed focused in: 0.
  • Classes in which my teachers still, mysteriously, think me a good student: 2.
  • Roommates sleeping in the background as I write this: 1.
  • Psycho friends still on the exercise machines in the basement after two hours working out: 3.
  • Normal people in bed right now: 2/3rds of you.

…Yes, the statistics-style opening is courtesy of Bridget Jones’ Diary, in which the heroine statistizes each day in her journal. Mne ochen panravilas (I very much liked it).

That was Russian. You may wonder why I continue speaking it even after I changed majors. I, of course, continue to scatter Slavic paraphernalia about my room: books with the weird letters inside, a poster of those onion domes, a little matryoshka stacking doll. And I still hope to go to Russia. But most of all, I consider myself entitled to the language since making a lovely discovery:

Last week, a new girl showed up to our Thursday night young peoples’ group. Katie works in advertising and…. spent four years in Russia. She knows Russian. People even think she looks Russian (perhaps it was the cold winters). At any rate, I can once again mangle the language when I speak to her. I am very happy.

Another hobby I’ve picked up is working for the school newspaper. I have two stories due to my editor tomorrow: a feature on one of our admissions counselors who ran the Chicago marathon, and an article on the school cafeteria.

I should be writing these as we speak… but I seem to work best by last-minute panic. It’s midnight and the stories aren’t due until three pm tomorrow. So with fifteen hours until the stories are due, inspirational terror won’t set in for another thirteen hours.

Speaking of… last night’s homework was due in class today. Sister Fatula was displeased that we didn’t comment in great detail on seventy pages of esoteric readings about the Holy Spirit. First step: I probably should have read them, but ran out of time. I definitely need to read seventy more pages for Thursday.

College to-do list for tonight:

  • Read 140 pages on the Holy Spirit.
  • Become more holy.
  • Do newpapers assignments ON TIME (as newly holy person, might gain ability for that…)
  • Crash in bed asleep.

Love y’all and Happy Thanksgiving!

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